Our Mission

To ensure that each patient is provided with utmost care and attention, allowing them to remain independent in their homes. We believe this can be achieved through integrating medical advancements with constant compassion.

  • PARC Home Care is led by healthcare professionals
  • Our standards are focused around patient care at the core
  • We offer 24-hour nursing and/or therapy virtual care
  • Staff educated in implementing care programs including fall prevention and opioid abuse
  • Proficiency in multiple languages at every discipline
  • Bringing integrity back to home care!

Everything we do

Revolves around our mission

PARC Home Care is a Medicare-certified home health care agency whose team of credentialed medical professionals follow the most current evidence-based care guidelines and undergo continuing education and specialized training from both the healthcare and patient interaction perspectives.

We do not compromise when it comes to ensuring our patients have a positive experience working with us, and are able to reasonably maintain their independence and stay healthy.

Our founders created PARC Home Care because they had a vision for what in-home care should be. As experienced clinicians in the home care arena, they created a model of care that puts the patient at the center and focuses on exceptional medical services coupled with clear communication and collaboration with patients, their families and their providers.

The resulting programs and services are integrated because we know that patients’ needs change. We offer skilled nursing services; and occupational, physical and speech therapies; along with access to medical social workers, home health aides, registered dietitians and community resources. We also offer translation services to bridge any language barriers and 24-hour virtual support from our nursing and therapy team.

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Jonathan Gasso, MSOT
Chief Executive Officer
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Jeffrey Orow, DPT
Chief Operating Officer
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